Thunderfucker 5.  Spring 2012.  Pasadena, CA.

This one is special to me.  It was purchased as an anniversary present for the customer by his wife.  Very sweet, I thought.  She gave me carte blanche to do whatever it was that her husband wanted.  When I emailed him to find out what that was exactly, he sent me this picture..

So I got to work.

I’m being a little coy.  There was more of a conversation than that..  but not too much more.  The customer made it pretty clear that he was up for letting me explore.  There were a few criteria.  Front disk brake.. single speed.. he liked the raw steel.

I sent him back a picture at some point and said, “I’d like to build you the bike that goes with these bars”.

He was game and Thunderfucker 5 emerged!

• • •